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With our new technology, We specialize in the LED Module Production in :

  1. Indoor LED Module

  2. Outdoor LED Module

  3. Fine-pitch LED Module

  4. Flexible LED Module

  5. GOB LED Module


Simple and quick module assembly technique that saves time and lowers cost.

LED Scrolling Sign

By using our own modules, we can ensure the best quality in all components with a strong and durable finish.                         


We very good at

  1. Indoor LED Scrolling Sign

  2. Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Scrolling Sign

  3. Outdoor scrolling led sign


Use of our own modules that provide a guarantee of total operation and a long

useful life and durable.


We know very good at the overseas market, by offering the most suitable

product, recording technical video, providing local technical support,etc.


Outdoor LED Module

Outdoor LED Module is for Outdoor LED Screen. P10 Outdoor LED Module; P8 Outdoor LED Module; P6 Outdoor LED Module; P5 Outdoor LED Module; P4 Outdoor LED Module; P3 Outdoor LED Module

Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED Module is for Outdoor LED Screen. P5 Indoor LED Module; P4 Indoor LED Module;P3 Indoor LED Module; P2.5 Indoor LED Module; P2 Indoor LED Module; P1.875 Indoor LED Module

GOB LED Module

The GOB can be adapted to any harsh environment with a small gap to achieve true moisture, water, dust, impact and UV resistance.

Gob on board technology can be applied on all led modules

Single Color & Full color LED Scrolling Sign


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