P2 Flexible Indoor

LED Module

P2 SMD1515 Flexible soft LED module. Pixel pitch: 2 mm Module Size: 240X120 mm Model Pixel: 120X60 Pixels  Density: 390625 dots/square meter; Pixel form: 1R1G1B


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P2 indoor full-color flexible Led Module with soft PCB board is used for Flexible LED display. Thereby, the LED module to the LED display can realize small arc deformation. Make the entire LED display smoother.

Size of the LED Module: 240*120mm; Module Matrix: 120*60 pixel.

Size of the LED Module: 256*128mm; Module Matrix: 128*64 pixel

P2 Led Flexible Module Product Features:


1. The module is soft and easy to install;

2. Silicone shell with Soft PCB Board

3. The Led Module is strong flexibility and can be made into any shape accordingly;

4. It can be made into a cylindrical shape.

5, The product supports a variety of signal input, such as AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, H-SDI, etc.;

6, It can be applied to a variety of installation methods, such as lifting, surface mounting, etc.;

7, Standard interface definition, support for a number of control card drivers.