45 Degree Angle LED Module 

  • P2.5 45-degree angle led module

  • P3 45-degree angle led module

  • P4 45-degree angle led module

The 45-degree LED module is mainly used to make 90-degree LED Screen Display screens.

The difference between the 45-degree  LED module and the conventional module is that the 45 degreen led module kit adopts a 45-degree frame design, and the two modules are assembled at 90 degrees directly, which is simple to achieve seamless splicing.

The 45-degree LED Module is used for pillar screens, cube screens and other LED displays that require a 90-degree right angle.

The flatness of the surface of the display screen can be controlled within ±1mm.

P2.5 45-Degree angle led module.png

P2.5 45-degree Angle Led Module

P2.5 SMD2121 45-degree angle LED Module, 160*160mm

45 degree angle led module.png

P3 45-degree Angle Led Module

P3 SMD2121 45-degree angle LED Module, 160*160mm

45 degree angle led module .png

P 45-degree Angle Led Module

P4 SMD2121 45-degree angle LED Module, 160*160mm