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GOB LED Module

GOB Technology is an innovative sealing on module surface with an epoxy Glue. It is a great protecting of the LED on the LED Modules from Water, dust and damage. 

GOB Flexible led module.png

GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on board, and nowadays some manufacturers call it LOB (lamination on board).

It is a packaging technology used to solve the problem of LED lamp protection. After using high-quality glue such as Opte through a specific ratio, the lamp surface is fully covered with lamp beads.

Glue treatment, after cooling and solidification at room temperature, to form effective protection for the lamp surface. This material not only has super high transparency, but also has super thermal conductivity.

It can adapt to any harsh environment and realize the characteristics of real moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-UV.

During the transportation and installation, it will protect the edge of the led module from damage.

There will be no scratches after the lamp surface is scratched.

After the GOB Process, the degree of reflection on the lamp surface is small and there is no color difference.

Protect the lamp feet and delay the oxidation process.

After GOB process, the led module can be cleaned with clothes.

GOB means Glue on board.

  1. It is a kind of packaging technology. It is a technology to solve the problem of LED lamp protection.

  2. It uses an advanced new transparent material to package the substrate and its LED package unit to form effective protection.

  3. This material not only has ultra-high transparency, but also has superior thermal conductivity.

  4. The GOB can be adapted to any harsh environment with a small gap to achieve true moisture, water, dust, impact and UV resistance.

gob on board technology
can be applied on
all led modules 

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