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GOB LED Module

GOB Technology is an innovative sealing on module surface with an epoxy Glue. It is a great protecting of the LED on the LED Modules from Water, dust and damage. 

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GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on board, and nowadays some manufacturers call it LOB (lamination on board).

It is a packaging technology used to solve the problem of LED lamp protection. After using high-quality glue such as Opte through a specific ratio, the lamp surface is fully covered with lamp beads.

Glue treatment, after cooling and solidification at room temperature, forms effective protection for the lamp surface. This material not only has super high transparency but also has super thermal conductivity.

It can adapt to any harsh environment and realize the characteristics of real moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, and anti-UV.

During the transportation and installation, it will protect the edge of the led module from damage.

There will be no scratches after the lamp surface is scratched.

After the GOB Process, the degree of reflection on the lamp surface is small and there is no color difference. Protect the lamp feet and delay the oxidation process. After the GOB process, the led module can be cleaned with clothes.

GOB (Glue-On-Board) LED modules are a specific type of LED module that utilizes a unique encapsulation technique. GOB technology involves directly applying a layer of epoxy resin on top of the LED chips and other electronic components, forming a protective and seamless layer over the module.

The main characteristic of GOB LED modules is their enhanced durability and protection against external factors. Here are some key features and benefits of GOB LED modules:

1. Increased Protection: The epoxy resin layer applied on the LED chips and components provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, physical impact, and other external elements. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the LED module, making it suitable for various environments and applications.

2. Enhanced Stability: The GOB encapsulation enhances the stability of the LED module by securing the components in place. It reduces the risk of damage caused by vibrations, shocks, or accidental impact, making GOB modules highly durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

3. Seamless Surface: The epoxy resin layer creates a smooth and seamless surface on the LED module, minimizing the chances of dust accumulation and improving the overall aesthetics of the display. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications where cleanliness and visual appeal are important, such as indoor displays or installations in controlled environments.

4. High Contrast and Uniformity: The GOB encapsulation technology helps to enhance the contrast ratio and uniformity of the LED module. By reducing the reflection of external light, GOB modules can deliver improved image quality, better color reproduction, and more consistent brightness across the entire display.

5. Easy Maintenance: GOB LED modules are designed for easy maintenance. The protective epoxy resin layer simplifies the cleaning process, and in case of any damage or malfunction, the module can be replaced or repaired without extensive effort or specialized tools.

GOB LED modules are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor LED displays, signage, retail displays, and other installations that require robust protection and long-term performance. Their enhanced durability, stability, and protection make them an excellent choice for demanding environments where the LED modules may be exposed to harsh conditions or frequent handling.

GOB means Glue on board.

  1. It is a kind of packaging technology. It is a technology to solve the problem of LED lamp protection.

  2. It uses an advanced new transparent material to package the substrate and its LED package unit to form effective protection.

  3. This material not only has ultra-high transparency, but also has superior thermal conductivity.

  4. The GOB can be adapted to any harsh environment with a small gap to achieve true moisture, water, dust, impact and UV resistance.

gob on board technology
can be applied on
all led modules 

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