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P3 Outdoor

LED Module

P3 SMD1921 Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display.  The size of P3 outdoor led module is 192mm*192mm.

p3 outdoor led module.jpg

P3 SMD1921 Outdoor LED Module. The size of P3 outdoor led module is 192mm*192mm.

It is mainly used for Outdoor LED Screen in viewing distance larger than 3 m. 

A P3 outdoor LED module with a size of 192*192mm refers to an individual module component designed for outdoor LED displays with a pixel pitch of 3mm. When you mention "without protection mask," it implies that the LED module does not have an additional protective cover or mask on the front surface. Here are some key characteristics of a P3 outdoor LED module without a protection mask:

1. Pixel Pitch: The P3 outdoor LED module has a pixel pitch of 3mm, which determines the distance between each LED pixel. With a smaller pixel pitch, P3 modules offer higher pixel density and can display more detailed and sharp images, making them suitable for outdoor applications that require high-resolution visuals.

2. Module Size: The module has a size of 192mm by 192mm, which determines the physical dimensions of the individual module. This size is suitable for outdoor LED displays that require a smaller module size or have specific design requirements.

It's important to note that without a protective mask, the LED module is more susceptible to physical damage from impacts or debris. Therefore, careful handling and regular cleaning to prevent dust or moisture accumulation are recommended to maintain optimal performance.

The specific implementation and usage of a P3 outdoor LED module without a protection mask may vary depending on the manufacturer and display configuration. It is essential to consult the product specifications and guidelines provided by the manufacturer for the proper installation, maintenance, and protection of the LED module.

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