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GOB Flexible LED Module

GOB Technology can be applied to flexible led module, for a better protection of the surface of the led module 

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  1. 1. The core premise of the lamp surface GOB technology is the excellent performance of the LED module itself. The LED module that can be glued to the lamp surface must first have excellent performance. This includes the PCB circuit must be 1.6mm thick or more, the solder paste must be a high-temperature solder paste (Tongfang or Vettel 0.4% silver or more high-temperature solder paste), lamp Beads must be National Star or Jingtai series. This series of hardware configurations guarantee the hardware standard before the glue filling process to prevent deadlights, "caterpillars", deformation of the light board, and other undesirable conditions.

  2. The aging of the lamp surface before the glue must be ensured for sufficient timeFor conventional LED modules, we generally only need to burn for 4 hours. If it is an LED module to be GOB processed, we generally need to ensure that it is aged for more than 24 hours. The reason is simple. Once the lamp surface is filled with glue, when the deadlights and "caterpillars" seen in conventional modules occur again, the lamp surface no longer has the basis for maintenance. After all, after the surface of my lamp has been processed, it is already waterproof and anti-collision. How can I repair it? Even with great efforts to repair, the traces of repairs have already declared this LED module to be a defective product.

  3. The trimming process must reach the level of 0.01mm. After a series of operations such as fixture comparison, lamp surface filling, and natural drying, we need to cut the overflow glue at the corners of the GOB module. The conventional factory cutting method is milling cutter cutting or molybdenum wire cutting. Our company uses high-precision laser CNC cutting with an accuracy of 0.0001mm. The purpose is to ensure that the accuracy of the lamp pins is not enough during the production process of the LED module. If the error is not accurate enough, cut off 1/4 of the lamp pins, and the other 99.99% of the module will perform perfectly because of a lamp pin problem. Retirement is not worth the loss. Therefore, after trial and error from various costs, the cutting accuracy of our company is finally selected as a CNC cutting with an error of 0.0001mm.

gob on board technology

can be applied on

led modules p1.25 -p4.81