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Flexible Outdoor LED Module

  • P4 Flexible Outdoor led module

  • P3 Flexible Outdoor led module

  • P2.5 Flexible Outdoor led module

Flexible Outdoor led module.png

Outdoor Flexible LED Module P2.5, P3.976, P4 320*160MM


Waterproofing & Safety:

  1. The module is rated as *P65 waterproof, making it suitable for direct outdoor use. This is achieved through a silicon-based design that covers both the front LED surface and the backside with black silicon gel.

  2. Both power and data interfaces are encapsulated in silicon, further enhancing the waterproof capabilities.

  3. When setting up, it's important to ensure that the controller systems are placed in a dry location or protected in a waterproof box. If not already waterproof, the power supply should be switched to a type that is.

Importance: Waterproofing and safety are paramount. Given that these displays are for outdoor use, they must withstand various weather conditions without malfunctioning. Any compromise on these aspects can lead to unforeseeable consequences.



  1. Outdoor LED flexible display modules come in two general specifications: standard and shaped (customized).

  2. Before finalizing a product design, clients typically test standard samples to gauge the flexibility and performance of the module.

Importance: Flexibility is crucial to cater to unique design requirements and create eye-catching displays in various shapes.


Tolerance Requirements:

  1. LED display products, especially flexible ones, need to consider not just display and design aspects but also the overall physical and mechanical factors.

  2. The production process involves PCB design, bottom shell molding, and arrangement of electronic components. Hence, if manufacturing these modules is based on a specific design, the tolerance of the final product (i.e., how much it can vary from the intended design) should be taken into account.

  3. Outdoor LED soft modules have a maximum curvature of 3.2 meters due to flexibility limitations. By joining 10pcs 320x160mm modules, a circle of about 1.1 meters in diameter can be formed, offering versatility and easier maintenance.

Importance: Ensuring the module aligns closely with the design specifications guarantees consistent performance and appearance across various modules.

P4 Outdoor Flexible LED Module.png

P4 Outdoor Flexible Led Module

P4 SMD1921 Outdoor Flexible LED Module,320*160mm Size. 80*40 Pixel

P3 LED flexible led module.png

P3 Outdoor Flexible Led Module

P3.076 SMD1921 Outdoor Flexible LED Module,320*160mm Size. 104*52 Pixel

p2.5 flexible led module for creative le

P2.5 Outdoor Flexible Led Module

P2.5 SMD1921 Outdoor Flexible LED Module,320*160mm Size. 128*64 Pixel

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