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P2 Indoor LED Module .png

Indoor LED panels are the best way to show images with a lot of detail and color. Because they are precise, use SMD technology, are bright, have good contrast, and have high update rates and color accuracy, they are perfect for many internal uses. Indoor LED panels are the future of eye-catching indoor displays that are ready to make a memorable impression in stores, entertainment venues, meeting rooms, and control centers.

1. Pixel Pitch: What Makes Things Clear
For a good monitor, pixel size is very important. It sets the space between pixels and has an effect on viewing distance and sharpness. Indoor LED panels come with a range of pixel pitch sizes, from very small to very big. Higher pixel counts come from smaller pitches, which makes pictures clearer and more detailed.

2. SMD Brilliance and LED Technology
SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED technology is often used in indoor LED panels. The SMD LEDs are small, bright, reproduce colours very well, and have a wide viewing range. This technology makes sure that the images are bright and clear.

3. Contrast and brightness: Easy to see
Indoor LED panels are made to be very bright, which is usually measured in nits. High contrast ratios are also important because they make material stand out by giving it deep blacks and bright whites.

4. Refresh Rate: Playback That Is Smooth
Motion blur is less noticeable when the frame rate is high, which makes sure that movies and other fast-paced images play smoothly.

5. Colour Reproduction

Vivid and Accurate Indoor LED modules can repeat a wide range of colours very accurately and vividly. They do this by being very regular and consistent.

6. Modular design makes it easy to put together and keep up.
The flexible form of indoor LED modules makes it easy to put together, maintain, and fix LED screens. You can connect modules to make screens that are bigger, and you can change out individual modules without changing the whole screen.

7. Viewing Angle: Various Ways to See
Indoor LED panels have wide viewing angles that make sure the content stays clear and can be seen easily from all over the watching area.

Indoor LED modules have a wide range of practical uses across different industries.

Here's a concise overview of their applications:

  1. Retail Displays: Indoor LED modules create eye-catching product displays and advertisements, enhancing the shopping experience.

  2. Entertainment Venues: The modules provide high-quality visuals in theaters, cinemas, and arenas for concerts, sports events, and movies.

  3. Conference Rooms: In corporate settings, they improve presentations and communication during meetings.

  4. Control Centers: Essential for monitoring data in real-time, especially in emergency services, transportation, and utilities.

  5. Hospitality: Hotels and restaurants use them for informative displays and ambiance enhancement.

  6. Healthcare: Used in waiting areas and operating rooms for information and detailed visuals.

  7. Museums and Galleries: Create engaging and educational exhibits for visitors.

  8. Transportation Hubs: Airports and stations display real-time information for travelers' convenience.

p10 smd2121 indoor led module.jpg


P10 SMD2121 indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

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P4 indoor led module.png


P4 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. Size 320x160mm, Pixel 80x40 dots

P3 indoor 192x192mm led module.png

P3 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 192x192mm, Pixel 64x64 dots

P2.5 Indoor led module 240x240mm.png


P2.5 SMD2121 indoor LED Module. LED Module Size 240x250mm, Pixel 96x96 dots

P2 Indoor 320_160mm LED Module.png


P2 SMD2121 indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

Indoor P1.667 LED Module 1.png


P1.667 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

p5 indoor led module.png


P5 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 320x160mm, Pixel 64x32 dots

P4 256x128mm indoor led module.png

P4 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module  Size 256x128mm, Pixel 64x32 dots

p3 indoor 192x96mm.png

P3 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 192x96mm, Pixel 64x32 dots

P2.5 indoor led module.png


P2.5 SMD2121 indoor LED Module. LED Module Size 320x160mm, Pixel 128x64 dots

P1.875 Indoor LED Module 240x240mm.png


P1.875 SMD1515 indoor LED Module for HD LED Video Wall

Indoor P1.53 LED Module 1.png


P1.53 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

P5 Indoor LED Module .png


P5 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 160x160mm, Pixel 32x32 dots

P4 256x256 Indoor Led Module.png


P4 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 256x256mm, Pixel 64x64 dots

P3.076 Indoor LED Module .png

P3.076 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module Size 320x160mm, Pixel 104x52 dots

P2.5 Indoor LED Module.png


P2.5 SMD2121 indoor LED Module. LED Module Size 160x160mm, Pixel 64x64 dots

Indoor P1.86 LED Module 1.png


P1.86 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

Indoor P1.25 LED Module 1.png


P1.25 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall


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