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Indoor LED Module

  • P5 Indoor LED Module

  • P4 Indoor LED Module

  • P3 Indoor LED Module

  • P2.5 Indoor LED Module

  • P2 Indoor LED Module

  • P1.86 Indoor LED Module

  • P1.875 Indoor LED Module

  • P1.667 Indoor LED Module

  • P1.53 Indoor LED Module

  • P1.25 Indoor LED Module

p2 indoor led module.png

The characteristics of indoor LED modules used in LED screen displays include the following:

1. Pixel Pitch: Indoor LED modules come in various pixel pitch options, ranging from small to large. The pixel pitch determines the distance between pixels and affects the resolution and viewing distance of the LED screen display. Smaller pixel pitches offer higher pixel densities, resulting in sharper and more detailed images.

2. LED Technology: Indoor LED modules typically utilize SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED technology. SMD LEDs are compact, and provide excellent color reproduction, high brightness levels, and wide viewing angles. This technology ensures vibrant and consistent visuals across the LED screen display.

3. Brightness and Contrast: Indoor LED modules are designed to offer high brightness levels to ensure clear visibility in indoor environments. The brightness is usually measured in nits, with higher values indicating brighter displays. High contrast ratios are also important for displaying rich and vibrant content with deep blacks and bright whites.

4. Refresh Rate: Indoor LED modules often have a high refresh rate, which refers to the number of times the display updates per second. A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur and ensures smooth playback of dynamic content, such as videos or fast-paced visuals.

5. Color Reproduction: Indoor LED modules are capable of reproducing a wide range of colors, ensuring accurate and vivid color representation on the LED screen display. They typically have excellent color uniformity and consistency across the entire display area.

6. Modular Design: Indoor LED modules are designed to be modular, allowing for easy assembly, maintenance, and repair of the LED screen display. The modules can be seamlessly connected to form a larger display area, and individual modules can be replaced if needed without affecting the entire display.

7. Viewing Angle: Indoor LED modules are engineered to offer wide viewing angles, enabling clear visibility from different positions in the viewing area. This ensures that the content on the LED screen display remains consistent and easily viewable for the audience, regardless of their location.

These characteristics collectively contribute to the quality, performance, and visual impact of indoor LED screen displays. They are designed to provide vibrant and high-resolution visuals, making them suitable for various indoor applications such as retail spaces, entertainment venues, conference rooms, and control centers.

p10 smd2121 indoor led module.jpg


P10 SMD2121 indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

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P3 indoor led module.png


P3 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

p1.875 led module.png


P1.875 SMD1515 indoor LED Module for HD LED Video Wall

Indoor P1.53 LED Module 1.png


P1.53 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

p5 indoor led module.png


P5 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module is used for Indoor LED Screen. 

P2.5 indoor led module.png


P2.5 SMD2121 indoor LED Module. 

Indoor P1.86 LED Module 1.png


P1.86 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

Indoor P1.25 LED Module 1.png


P1.25 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

P4 indoor led module.png


P4 SMD2121 Indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

p2 indoor led module.png


P2 SMD2121 indoor LED Module is used for indoor LED Screen. 

Indoor P1.667 LED Module 1.png


P1.667 indoor LED Module 320*160mm for meeting room led video wall

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