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P3 Indoor

LED Module

P3 SMD2121 Indoor LED module is generally used in indoor LED display.  The size of P3 outdoor led module is 192mm*192mm.

P3 indoor led module.png
p3 indoor led module.png

P3 Indoor LED module Panel features:


  • With super bright LED lamps and high-quality plastic shell.

  • Easy to install and disassemble

  • Single lamp maintenance

  • Driving LED with constant current mode, uniform illumination, and low power consumption

  • The pixel pitch is 3mm, which has 64*64 pixels. Each pixel consists of 1R1G1B.


P3 full-color LED electronic programmable LED screens are available in a variety of shapes: rectangular, square, curved, round and other custom designs.


P3 full-color LED electronic screen can support synchronous control cards and asynchronous control cards at the same time; even in the case of control computer failure, it can still display normally.


Installation of steel structure frame: indoor P3 LED full-color display is a light steel frame, chemical rivet bolt rivet steel plate is used as a support structure in the corresponding beam and column part, and the display steel frame is connected with rivet fixed steel plate.


P3 LED indoor full-color screen system works stably and reliably, has the strong anti-interference ability, and works continuously for more than 72 hours. The control system software operation interface is user-friendly and easy to operate.

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