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P2.5 Indoor

LED Module

P2.5 SMD2121 Indoor LED module is generally used in indoor LED display.  The size of P2.5 outdoor led module is 320mm*160mm.

P2.5 indoor led module.png
p2.5 indoor led module.png

An indoor P2.5 LED module refers to a specific type of LED module used in indoor LED displays with a pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters. Here are some key characteristics and features of an indoor P2.5 LED module:

1. Pixel Pitch: The pixel pitch of 2.5mm indicates the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels on the LED module. A smaller pixel pitch results in a higher pixel density, allowing for more detailed and sharper images. Indoor P2.5 LED modules are suitable for applications that require close viewing distances or displays with fine details.

2. Resolution: The pixel pitch of 2.5mm translates to a high pixel count per square meter, resulting in a higher resolution display. With a smaller pixel pitch, the LED module can display more pixels per unit area, contributing to better image quality and improved clarity.

3. LED Technology: Indoor P2.5 LED modules typically utilize SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED technology. SMD LEDs are small, compact, and offer a wide viewing angle, allowing for consistent image quality from various viewing positions. These LEDs provide vibrant and uniform color reproduction.

4. Brightness and Contrast: The brightness levels of indoor P2.5 LED modules can vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer. They typically offer high brightness levels to ensure good visibility even in well-lit indoor environments. The contrast ratio is also an important factor to consider, as it affects the depth and richness of displayed content.

5. Refresh Rate: Indoor P2.5 LED modules often have a high refresh rate, which refers to the number of times the display is updated per second. A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur and improves the display's ability to show fast-moving content, making it suitable for applications such as sports events or dynamic video content.

6. Modular Design: LED modules are typically designed to be modular, allowing for easy assembly and maintenance of the LED display. The modules can be seamlessly interconnected to form a larger display area, and individual modules can be replaced if needed, simplifying maintenance and repairs.

7. Control System Compatibility: Indoor P2.5 LED modules are compatible with various control systems and video processors, enabling seamless integration with different sources of content and providing flexibility in content management and control.

Indoor P2.5 LED modules are commonly used in a range of indoor applications, including retail stores, corporate environments, broadcast studios, control rooms, and other venues where high-resolution and high-quality displays are required for close viewing distances.

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