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Indoor P2.5 LED Modules 320*160mm, 128*64 Pixel

-Bestselling Indoor LED Modules

P2.5 SMD2121 Indoor LED module is generally used in indoor LED displays.  The size of the P2.5 outdoor led module is 320 mm*160 mm. Indoor P2.5 LED modules have revolutionized the world of indoor displays. Their exceptional pixel pitch, resolution, LED technology, brightness, and refresh rate make them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

P2.5 Indoor LED Module 320x160mm.png

Pixel Pitch: Precision Personified

A 2.5mm pixel pitch means pixels are close together, resulting in detailed, sharp images. Perfect for close viewing and fine details.

Resolution: Visual Brilliance

High pixel count per square meter, thanks to the 2.5mm pitch, ensures stunning, high-resolution displays.

LED Technology: SMD Wonders

SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED technology provides vibrant, uniform color with a wide viewing angle.

Brightness and Contrast: Shining Bright

Varied brightness levels suit all environments, and high contrast delivers depth and richness to content.

Refresh Rate: Dynamic Clarity

High refresh rates reduce motion blur, making them ideal for sports and dynamic content.

Modular Design: Easy Maintenance

Modular design allows easy assembly and maintenance, and modules can be replaced as needed.

Control System Compatibility: Versatile Integration

Compatible with various control systems and video processors, ensuring seamless content management.

Applications: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

Now that we've explored the technical aspects of 2.5mm pixel pitch displays, let's dive into the diverse applications where these displays truly shine:

Retail Stores: Perfect for Digital Signage and Advertising

In retail environments, the need for eye-catching displays is paramount. 2.5mm pixel pitch displays are perfect for digital signage and advertising, ensuring that your promotions and product visuals pop with vividness and precision. This technology helps create a shopping experience that's both informative and visually captivating.

Corporate Environments: Ideal for Presentations and Video Conferencing

In the corporate world, presentations and video conferencing are the norm. With 2.5mm pixel pitch displays, your presentations will be sharp and engaging. Video conferences will be immersive, allowing you to connect with clients and colleagues as if they were in the same room. The precision and clarity of these displays are essential for making a lasting impact.

Broadcast Studios: Preferred Choice for Studios and Set Design

For broadcast studios, 2.5mm pixel pitch displays are the preferred choice. They offer the visual quality and consistency required for on-air broadcasts. These displays can be seamlessly integrated into studio sets, providing a backdrop that's as dynamic as the content being presented.

Control Rooms: Crucial for Real-Time Data Visualization

In control rooms where real-time data is paramount, 2.5mm pixel pitch displays play a crucial role. These displays ensure that data visualization is accurate and easy to read, even in high-pressure environments. The clarity and precision they offer are essential for making informed decisions.

P2.5 Indoor LED Module Backside 320x160mm.png
P2.5 Indoor LED Module LED Lamp 320x160mm.png
P2.5 Indoor LED Module .png
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