90 Degree Outdoor Right Angle Led Module

  • P4  outdoor 90 Degree Right Angle

  • P5 outdoor 90 Degree Right Angle

  • P6.67 outdoor 90 Degree Right Angle

outdoor 90 degree angle led module.png

The LED right-angle module is not that the corners of the module are straight, but this product can solve the problem of right-angle splicing of the screen.

Before the advent of the LED right-angle module, there are two methods for the right-angle treatment of the screen. One is The box body chamfer, one is the module chamfer. But no matter what kind of corner-cutting method will cause damage to the screen, and the right-angle assembly is not perfect.

The kit of the led right-angle module adopts a 45-degree oblique angle design, and the two modules are assembled together to be directly 90 degrees, which is simple to achieve seamless splicing.

P4 outdoor led module.png

P4 Right Angle
Led Module

P4 SMD1921 45-degree angle LED Module, 256*256mm

P5 outdoor corner led module.png

P5 Right Angle Led Module

P5 SMD1921 45 degree angle LED Module, 320*160mm

6.67 outdoor led module.png

P6.67 Right AngleLed Module

P6.67 SMD1921 45 degree angle LED Module, 320*160mm