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P8 Outdoor

LED Module

P8 SMD3535 LED module is generally used in outdoor LED displays. The size of the P8 outdoor led module is 256mm*128mm and 320*160mm.


P8 LED Module has a smaller Pixel than P10 LED module, as a result, it is chosen when budget is not tight. 

P8 Outdoor led screen module.jpg

P8 SMD3535 LED module is used in outdoor LED display for long distance viewing, a viewing distance of more than 8 meters. The size of P8 LED module is 256*128mm, which has smaller size than P10 LED module but the same pixel of P10  LED module.

The P8 outdoor LED module has the following characteristics:

  • LED Lamp of SMD 3535

  • The size of P8 LED module is 256*128mm

  • High brightness up to 6000 nits

  • Double-side waterproof

When comparing outdoor P8 and P10 LED modules, there are a few key differences to consider:

1. Pixel Pitch: The main difference between P8 and P10 LED modules is the pixel pitch. P8 modules have a smaller pixel pitch of 8mm, while P10 modules have a larger pixel pitch of 10mm. Smaller pixel pitch results in higher pixel density, allowing for more detailed and sharper images, especially when viewed up close. P8 modules are generally preferred for applications that require higher resolution and closer viewing distances.

2. Image Quality: Due to the smaller pixel pitch, P8 modules offer higher resolution and image quality compared to P10 modules. With a higher pixel density, P8 modules can display more intricate details and smoother visuals. P10 modules, on the other hand, maybe more suitable for applications where image resolution is not a primary concern, such as large-scale outdoor displays viewed from a distance.

3. Viewing Distance: The choice between P8 and P10 modules also depends on the intended viewing distance. P8 modules are typically suitable for closer viewing distances, where the higher resolution becomes more noticeable. P10 modules, with their larger pixel pitch, are better suited for applications where the viewing distance is greater, such as outdoor advertising billboards or stadium screens.

4. Brightness: Both P8 and P10 modules can offer high brightness levels suitable for outdoor use. However, the specific brightness may vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications. It's important to consider the desired brightness level based on the ambient lighting conditions and viewing environment.

5. Cost: P8 modules generally come at a higher cost compared to P10 modules due to the smaller pixel pitch and higher resolution. The higher cost is mainly associated with the manufacturing complexity and the higher number of LEDs required in each module. P10 modules, with their larger pixel pitch, offer a more cost-effective solution for outdoor displays that do not require extremely high resolution.

Ultimately, the choice between P8 and P10 modules depends on the specific requirements of the outdoor LED display, including the desired image quality, viewing distance, budget, and intended application.

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