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P8 SMD3535 LED Modules for Outdoor LED Displays, Module Size 320x160mm

When it comes to outdoor LED displays, the choice of LED modules plays a crucial role in determining the overall visual impact and effectiveness of your display. Among the various options available in the market, the P8 SMD3535 LED module stands out as a remarkable choice for outdoor LED displays intended for long-distance viewing, with a viewing distance exceeding 8 meters. 

Two sizes are available 256*128mm and 320*160mm

p8 outdoor led module.png

LED Lamp of SMD 3535. SMD 3535, which stands for Surface Mount Device, is a cutting-edge technology in LED design. This technology ensures that each LED is mounted directly onto the circuit board, providing not only durability but also excellent heat dissipation. The result is a high-performing LED lamp that can withstand the rigors of outdoor usage.

Compact Size:The P8 LED module comes in a compact size of 256*128mm, which is smaller than its counterpart, the P10 LED module. Despite its smaller dimensions, the P8 module boasts the same pixel density as the P10, which means you get more pixels per square inch, resulting in a sharper and more detailed display.


Blazing Brightness:One of the most compelling features of the P8 LED module is its astonishing brightness, which can reach up to 6000 nits. This level of brightness ensures that your display remains vivid and eye-catching even under direct sunlight or other challenging lighting conditions. The high brightness of P8 modules makes them ideal for outdoor applications where visibility is a primary concern.


Double-Side Waterproof.To enhance the durability and longevity of the P8 LED module, it is designed with double-side waterproofing. This feature is particularly important for outdoor displays, as it protects the internal components from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. The double-side waterproofing ensures that your LED module can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions without compromising performance.


P8 vs. P10 LED Modules: A Comparative Analysis


To make an informed decision about your outdoor LED display, it's essential to understand how P8 and P10 LED modules compare. Here, we'll highlight the key differences between these two options.

1. Pixel Pitch

The primary distinction between P8 and P10 LED modules lies in their pixel pitch. P8 modules have a smaller pixel pitch of 8mm, while P10 LED modules have a larger pitch of 10mm. Smaller pixel pitch translates to higher pixel density, allowing for more detailed and sharper images, especially when viewed up close. P8 modules are the preferred choice for applications that demand higher resolution and closer viewing distances.


2. Image Quality

Thanks to its smaller pixel pitch, P8 modules offer superior image quality compared to P10 modules. With higher pixel density, P8 modules can display intricate details and smoother visuals. P10 modules, on the other hand, excel in scenarios where image resolution isn't the primary concern, such as large-scale outdoor displays viewed from a distance.


3. Viewing Distance

The choice between P8 and P10 LED modules is closely tied to the intended viewing distance. P8 modules are the go-to option for closer viewing distances, where the higher resolution becomes most noticeable. In contrast, P10 LED modules, with their larger pixel pitch, are better suited for applications where the viewing distance is greater, such as outdoor advertising billboards or stadium screens.


4. Brightness

Both P8 and P10 LED modules can offer high brightness levels suitable for outdoor use. However, specific brightness may vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications. It's crucial to consider the desired brightness level based on ambient lighting conditions and the intended viewing environment.


5. Cost

While P8 modules offer superior image quality and higher resolution, they often come at a higher cost compared to P10 modules. The increased cost is primarily associated with the manufacturing complexity and the greater number of LEDs required in each module. P10 modules, with their larger pixel pitch, provide a more cost-effective solution for outdoor displays that do not necessitate extremely high resolution.


The Right Choice for Your Outdoor LED Display


The decision to opt for P8 or P10 LED modules ultimately hinges on the specific requirements of your outdoor LED display project. Factors such as desired image quality, viewing distance, budget, and intended application should guide your choice.


If your display demands impeccable image quality, especially for viewers situated close to the display, P8 SMD3535 LED modules are the clear winner. Their smaller pixel pitch and higher resolution ensure that every detail is vividly portrayed, making them perfect for applications like sports stadiums, theaters, and close-up advertising displays.


On the other hand, if your display targets a broader audience situated at a distance, and you are mindful of budget considerations, P10 LED modules offer a cost-effective solution. These modules are well-suited for large outdoor billboards, building facades, and displays where viewers are positioned at a significant distance


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Shenzhen Sanco Technology CO., Ltd

Shenzhen Factory: Floor 3, Building 2, RunTen Industry Park, ShiYan, BaoAn, Shenzhen, China

Contact: +8613528586951  (Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat)

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