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P8 Outdoor

LED Module

P8 SMD3535 LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display. The size of P8 outdoor led module is 256mm*128mm and 320*160mm. P8 LED Module has smaller Pixel than P10 LED module, as a result it is chosen when budget is not tight. 

P8 SMD3535 LED module is used in outdoor LED display for long distance viewing, a viewing distance of more than 8 meters. The size of P8 LED module is 256*128mm, which has smaller size than P10 LED module but the same pixel of P10  LED module.

The P8 outdoor LED module has the following characteristics:

  • LED Lamp of SMD 3535

  • The size of P8 LED module is 256*128mm

  • High brightness up to 6000 nits

  • Double-side waterproof

When purchasing a P8 outdoor LED screen, the following details need to be considered:


1, Brightness. If the outdoor LED Screen requires high brightness, we recommend choosing the P8 outdoor LED module made of Nationstar. 

2, 1/4 scan.  P8 Outdoor LED Module only has 1/4 scan.