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P6 Outdoor

LED Module

P6 Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display. The size of P6 outdoor led module is 192mm*192mm. Normally it has two kinds of LED lamp P6 SMD3535

and P6 SMD2727 Outdoor LED module.

p6 outdoor led module.jpg

The P6 192*192mm outdoor LED module refers to a specific type of outdoor LED module with a size of 192mm by 192mm and utilizes SMD3535 LEDs. Here are some key characteristics of this module:

1. Pixel Pitch: The P6 outdoor LED module has a pixel pitch of 6mm, which determines the distance between each LED pixel. With a smaller pixel pitch, P6 modules offer higher pixel density, resulting in sharper and more detailed images.

2. Module Size: The module has a size of 192mm by 192mm, which determines the physical dimensions of the individual module. This size is a common standard for P6 outdoor LED modules, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation with other modules and display structures.

3. SMD3535 LEDs: The module utilizes SMD3535 LEDs, which are surface-mount LEDs known for their high brightness and color consistency. SMD3535 LEDs are suitable for outdoor applications, as they can withstand outdoor environmental conditions and provide vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

4. Weather Resistance: The module is designed to be weatherproof and can withstand exposure to various outdoor elements, including sunlight, rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures reliable operation and longevity of the module in outdoor environments.

5. High Brightness: P6 outdoor LED modules with SMD3535 LEDs typically offer high brightness levels, allowing the display to be visible even in bright outdoor environments. This ensures optimal visibility and readability of the displayed content, making it suitable for outdoor advertising and large-scale displays.

6. Wide Viewing Angle: The module provides a wide viewing angle, allowing the display to be viewed clearly from different positions without significant color distortion or loss of image quality. This ensures a better viewing experience for a larger audience.

7. Energy Efficiency: P6 outdoor LED modules with SMD3535 LEDs are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while delivering bright visuals. This helps reduce energy costs and promotes sustainability.

8. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The module is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It can be easily attached to a display structure using screws or other mounting mechanisms. Additionally, it may feature front or rear access for convenient maintenance and quick module replacement if needed.

The P6 192*192mm outdoor LED module with SMD3535 LEDs is commonly used in various outdoor applications, such as outdoor advertising billboards, digital signage displays, stadiums, and events. Its high resolution, weather resistance, high brightness, wide viewing angle, energy efficiency, and ease of installation and maintenance make it a popular choice for outdoor LED displays.

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