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P6.67 Outdoor

LED Module

P6.67 Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display.  The size of P6.67 outdoor led module is 320mm*160mm.

p5 outdoor led modules.jpg

P6.67 Outdoor LED Module, size 320*160mm, Similar pixel of P6, but the size 320*160mm makes it easier to use 960*960mm LED Cabinet.

320x160mm P6.67mm Outdoor LED Display Module, Outdoor P6.67mm LED screen panel 48*24 dots High Brightness LED sign Panel.

Standard Size 320×160mm Outdoor SMD Full Color LED Display Module including P3.076, P4, P5, P6.67, P8 and P10, the panel has the same dimension 320mmx160mm, module suite with same screws holes

The P6 outdoor LED module is available in two different sizes: 192*192mm and 320*160mm. Here are the key characteristics of each size:

1. P6 Outdoor LED Module (192*192mm):
   - Pixel Pitch: The module has a pixel pitch of 6mm, which determines the distance between each LED pixel. With a smaller pixel pitch, the P6 module offers higher pixel density and can display more detailed and sharp images.
   - Module Size: The module has a size of 192mm by 192mm, which determines the physical dimensions of the individual module. This size is suitable for outdoor LED displays that require a smaller module size or have specific design requirements.

2. P6.67 Outdoor LED Module (320*160mm):
   - Pixel Pitch: The module has a pixel pitch of 6.67mm, providing a slightly smaller pixel pitch than the P6 module for higher pixel density and improved image clarity.
   - Module Size: The module has a larger size of 320mm by 160mm, suitable for outdoor LED displays that require a larger module size to cover a larger area or achieve specific display dimensions.

Both sizes of the P6 outdoor LED module are commonly used in outdoor advertising, digital signage, stadiums, and various outdoor display applications. The specific size chosen depends on the requirements of the display, the desired resolution, the available space, and the budget considerations.

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