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P6.67 SMD3535 Outdoor LED Module, 320*160mm

Enhancing Outdoor Displays

The P6.67 Outdoor LED Module, with its dimensions of 320*160mm, is a powerhouse in the world of outdoor displays. This module offers distinct advantages, including a pixel pitch of 6.67mm and a larger module size, making it an excellent choice for outdoor LED displays that require expansive coverage and precise visual impact.

P6.67 Outdoor led module.png

Choosing the Right Size for Your P6 and P6.67 Outdoor LED Modules

When it comes to outdoor LED modules, the choice of size can significantly impact your display's performance and design. Two popular options are the P6 Outdoor LED Module (with sizes 192*192mm and 320*160mm) and the P6.67 (320*160mm). Let's dive into the characteristics of each size to help you make an informed decision.

P6 Outdoor LED Module (192*192mm)

Pixel Pitch

The P6 Outdoor LED Module (192*192mm) has a pixel pitch of 6mm, which defines the distance between each LED pixel. A smaller pixel pitch results in a higher pixel density, enabling the display to exhibit more detailed and sharper images.

Module Size

This module has a size of 192mm x 192mm, determining its physical dimensions. The 192*192mm size is suitable for outdoor LED displays that require a smaller module size or have specific design requirements. It's an excellent choice when space is limited or when fine details matter.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Module (320*160mm)

Pixel Pitch

The P6.67 Outdoor LED Module (320*160mm) features a slightly larger pixel pitch of 6.67mm. Although it's marginally bigger than the P6, it still offers a commendable pixel density, resulting in improved image clarity.

Module Size

With a size of 320mm by 160mm, this module is larger and more suitable for outdoor LED displays that require a bigger module size to cover a larger area or achieve specific display dimensions. It provides flexibility and scalability for your outdoor display needs.

Selecting the Right Size

Both sizes of the P6 and P6.67 outdoor LED modules find applications in outdoor advertising, digital signage, stadiums, and various outdoor displays. The choice between the two sizes depends on several factors:

Display Requirements: Consider the size and resolution you need for your display. The P6 (192*192mm) is perfect for compact displays with fine detail, while the P6.67 (320*160mm) suits larger displays or those with specific design demands.

Space Constraints: Assess the available space for your LED display. The P6.67 module is more adaptable for expansive installations, while the P6 module may be better for smaller spaces.

Budget Considerations: Take into account your budget. Smaller modules (P6) may be more cost-effective, but you might require more of them for larger displays (P6.67).

In conclusion, the choice between the P6 Outdoor LED Module and P6.67 outdoor LED modules should align with your unique project requirements. Ensure that your selection matches your desired resolution, available space, and budget, guaranteeing a successful outdoor LED display tailored to your needs.

P6.67 Outdoor led module 1 .png
P6.67 Outdoor .png
P6.67 Outdoor led module .png

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