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P2.5 Outdoor LED Module,160x160mm, SMD1415

P2.5 SMD1415 Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED displays.  The size of the P2.5 outdoor led module is 160mm*160mm and 64X64 pixels.The P2.5 Outdoor LED Module is the smallest pixel LED module for outdoor applications. 

P2.5 Outdoor 160_160mm LED Module.png

Small Pixel Outdoor LED Module

P2.5 outdoor LED modules are incredibly advanced parts made for LED screens outside. The space between each LED pixel on the screen is called "pixel pitch," and these modules are famous for having perfect pixel pitch. An picture with a smaller pixel pitch, like P2.5, has a higher pixel density, which makes the image clear even up close.

Excellent Clarity and Resolution
The unbeatable clarity and sharpness of P2.5 outdoor LED panels is one of their best features. With 2.5mm pixels, these units can make pictures with amazing clarity. For public shows, where people may be close to the screen, this level of accuracy is perfect for keeping the picture quality high.

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

This LED module has 2.5mm pixels. Pixel pitch is the module's LED pixel spacing. A lower pixel pitch, such P2.5, increases pixel density and visual clarity.

 Pixel Composition: SMD1415

Pixel composition is done using SMD1415 in this module. SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device, and '1415' reflects the module's LED components' size and characteristics. This technology produces vibrant, high-quality displays.

Module dimensions: 160 x 160mm.

The module is 160mm wide and 160mm long. Its tiny size makes it adaptable and usable.

Pixel Module Size: 64 × 64 Dots

Pixels in the module are 64 pixels wide and 64 pixels long. There are 4,096 pixels on the module. Image quality and clarity are improved by the module's greater pixel density.

Perfect for outdoor displays, digital billboards, stadium scoreboards, and other image-critical applications, the P2.5 Outdoor SMD LED module delivers great visual performance. Even in outdoor settings, its pixel pitch, SMD1415 composition, small size, and high pixel density show content precisely and brightly.

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