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P5 Outdoor LED Module, 160x160mm,  32x32 Pixels

Elevating Outdoor Displays to New Heights

The P5 Outdoor LED module revolutionizes outdoor LED displays. Its 160mm x 160mm size makes it ideal for many situations and is sure to wow. The P5 SMD1921 and P5 SMD2727 modules fulfil digital signage and outdoor display applications.

P5 Outdoor 160x160mm LED Module.png

Pixel Pitch: 5mm: Display LED pixel spacing. A 5mm pixel pitch means pixels are 5mm apart, affecting display resolution and quality.

This indicates the module's SMD2525 LEDs. Surface Mount Device LEDs with the model number SMD2525 are brilliant and energy efficient.

Module Size: 160x160 mm: LED display module size. It is 160mm wide and tall. This information is essential for LED display planning and assembly.

Model Pixel: 32x32 Pixels: Module pixel matrix or resolution. The module has 32 pixels in width and 32 pixels in height, totaling 1024 LED pixels.

Choosing the Right Size for Your P5 Outdoor LED Module

When deciding between P5 outdoor LED module sizes, 320*160mm and 160*160mm, it's essential to consider your project's specific needs. Both sizes have distinct advantages:

P5 Outdoor LED Module (320*160mm):
- Boasts a 5mm pixel pitch for high pixel density, ideal for sharp and detailed images.
- Larger size, 320mm by 160mm, suits outdoor displays covering extensive areas.

P5 Outdoor LED Module (160*160mm):
- Features the same 5mm pixel pitch for detailed visuals.
- Compact 160mm by 160mm size is perfect for smaller display areas or when you need more modules for design flexibility.


When making your choice, think about:

  1. Display Requirements: Consider the size and resolution needed for your display.

  2. Evaluate the available space; smaller modules are suitable for confined spaces. Space Constraints

  3. Budget Considerations: Factor in the budget; smaller modules are generally more budget-friendly.

In the end, your decision should align with your project's unique requirements, ensuring your outdoor LED display shines brightly, regardless of the chosen module size.

P5 Outdoor 160x160mm LED Module.png
P4 Outdoor LED Module 4.jpg
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