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P2 Outdoor

LED Module

P2 SMD1415 Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display.  The size of P2 outdoor led module is 160mm*160mm 

Outdoor P2 LED Module .png
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Outdoor P2 LED Module 160_160.png

P2 Outdoor LED Module is the smallest pixel LED Module for Outdoor Use. It is IP65 waterproof and dustproof.

Size of P2 Outdoor LED Module 160*160mm. The LED Lamp of P2 Outdoor LED Module is SMD 1415.

The resolution for one piece of the led module is 80*80 dots. 

The smallest pixel outdoor LED module available is typically the P2 (2mm pixel pitch) outdoor LED module. With a pixel pitch of 2mm, it offers an incredibly high pixel density, resulting in extremely sharp and detailed images, even when viewed up close. Here are some key characteristics of the P2 outdoor LED module:

  1. Ultra-High Resolution: The P2 outdoor LED module provides exceptional resolution, allowing for the display of fine details and crisp visuals. The small pixel pitch ensures that individual pixels are closely packed together, creating a seamless and smooth image.

  2. Enhanced Image Quality: The high pixel density of the P2 module ensures that there are no visible gaps or pixelation, resulting in clear and vibrant images. It offers excellent contrast, color accuracy, and brightness levels, ensuring that the displayed content stands out in various lighting conditions.

  3. Close Viewing Distance: Due to the small pixel pitch, the P2 outdoor LED module is suitable for applications where viewers are in close proximity to the screen. It can be used in scenarios where a large number of viewers are expected to be situated near the display, such as outdoor events, concerts, or sporting arenas.


The P2 outdoor LED module is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, including outdoor advertising, stadiums, shopping centers, transportation hubs, and other outdoor installations where high-resolution and visually impactful displays are required. Its small pixel pitch allows for exceptional image quality and detail, making it an excellent choice for delivering immersive visual experiences in outdoor environments.

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