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What Spare parts does a LED Scrolling Sign Consist?

Full Color LED Scrolling Sign

  • Full color LED Module 

      In the market, for Single color LED Module, P10 SMD3535 Full Color LED modules is used. 

  • WiFi Control Card or USB Control Card

      For Full Color LED Module, Huidu/ Xinyi Led scrolling sign control card will be used. Control Card model is chosen to accord to the Pixel of the LED signage

  • Power supplier for Single Color LED Scrolling Sign

      6 pcs single color LED Module needs 1 pc of 200W LED Single color Power supplier 

How to assemble a

P4 Full Color LED Scrolling Sign

How to Set a LED Scrolling Sign

Software download link and Video

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Full Color LED Scrolling Sign

  • Full color LED Module 

  • Power supplier for Full color LED Signage

  • Wifi and USB control 

  • For Letters and numbers.

What Spare parts does a LED Scrolling Sign Consist 


Power Cable




Control Card


Flat Cable

led scrolling sign white iron keel.jpg

Iron Keel


Power Supply

led scrolling sign spare parts- FRAME AN

Frame & Joint

User Manual

This Product is controlled by the Wifi which is generated by the control card in the product. Please customized your LETTERS by the following procedure. This product can only be controlled by Android phone. 
1,  Download the APP
1)  Android Mobile 

For Android Mobile, you have an option: Method 1: Download it from the following link and open it in the browser. Link:;
You must first open your WLAN configuration and connect the WiFi signal "HC-LED." The password is 12345678.
Open your application, click on "Search", then the WiFi will connect successfully.                                     

2, Setting
After that, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner, then click on "Setting" and then click on the upper right corner the sign of the lock shape, The password is 168.
1) Controller type
Choose ”HC-1”
2) Width & Hight
Width:96 and Hight: 32
3) Color
4) Keep the rest as the default.
5) Editing

You can write some texts, change the size, the font, the row space, the word space, the color, the special effect, the speed, the stopping time and the edge.

3, Send dates
Click "Send" to send all the data to your LED screen.

Very important: If you follow the steps and the screen can not connect to Wi-Fi, replace the phone with a lower version.