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What is a led soft module? How many models does Flexible LED Module have?

What is a Led soft module?

Led soft module is also called Led flexible  module, as it is relatively soft, foldable and bendable.

The Led soft module uses a flexible FPC circuit board made of a flexible insulating base material, which has high strength resistance to compression and torsion. The module's flexibility is excellent and it can achieve arc folding.

The Led soft module has good ductility and can be arbitrarily shaped, which makes many projects requiring customization easy to solve, such as cylindrical screen, wave screen, outer curved screen, etc.

Most of the installation methods are based on magnetic column suction, which is convenient and quick to install.

LED soft modules are now commonly used in creative LED flexible displays. Its good ductility can be the smarter design of the LED display, lower cost, and higher construction efficiency;   The flexible LED display module can stitch curved screens, cylinders, curved surfaces and other displays as needed, with outstanding characteristics And the technological improvements that show progress are more suitable for a variety of creative combinations and scenarios.

How many models does Flexible LED Module have? Now the most common Flexible LED Module are :

  1. P4 Flexible indoor led module

  2. P3 Flexible indoor led module

  3. P2.5 Flexible indoor led module

  4. P2 Flexible indoor led module

  5. P1.875 Flexible indoor led module

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