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Four Things You Must Know for Choosing P10 SMD 3535 LED Module for Outdoor LED Display

P10 SMD3535 LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display for long-distance viewing. For outdoor large screens with a viewing distance of more than 10 meters, we recommend the use of outdoor P10 modules.

Outdoor LED display modules generally have the following two distinguishing features: high brightness, double-sided glue and waterproof.

When purchasing an Outdoor LED Display, many clients only focus on comparing the price and ignore the most important things of the outdoor led screen- components.. This is definitely the wrong choice. Here we take P10 SMD3535 Outdoor LED Screen for an example, hoping to help you to understand the key points.

There are Four Things You Must Know for Choosing P10 SMD 3535 LED Module for Outdoor LED Display.

  1. Brightness. In general, the brightness of the NationStar led lamp is the highest, which can reach 6000 cd/m2 or more, followed by the KingNight, and then followed by the LED lamp of Mulinsen or Hongsheng. Many non-module manufacturers or distributors often write on the parameter list that the brightness of the module can reach 8000 cd/m2 or 10000 cd/m2. In fact, the brightness of the outdoor LED display module is not up to 6000 cd/m2-6500 cd/m2. For more details, you can check the article "How to Choose the Brightness of The LED Screen "

  2. P10 SMD3535 full-color outdoor module is divided into 1/2 scan and  1/4 scan. When the customer chooses the product, you need to select the  1/2 scan or 1/4 scan Outdoor LED according to the actual brightness requirements. If your outdoor LED display project requires a high level of brightness, be sure to pay attention to this parameter of your LED Modules.

  3. The unit price of the 1/2 scan Outdoor LED module is higher than the unit price of the 1/4 scan Outdoor LED. Because the 1/2 scan P10 outdoor LED display module has 48 pieces of ICs, the 1/4 scan P10 outdoor LED display module has 24 pieces of ICs.

  4. As the electronic current of 1/2 scan Outdoor LED is higher than the electronic current of 1/4 scan Outdoor LED, the quantity of power supplies required for 1/2 scan is almost double that of 1/4 scan. If you do not use a sufficient amount of power supplier, but it is easy to cause the current overload of the Outdoor LED.

If you have any other questions, you can contact our engineers at LEKLED, we will help you answer them in time.

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