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P1.875 Indoor LED Display Module, LED Module Size 240x240mm, Unleashing Visual Excellence

P1.875 SMD1515 Indoor LED module for High-Resolution LED Screen. With a pixel pitch of 1.875mm, SMD1515 LED type, a module size of 240x240mm, and an impressive model pixel count of 128x128 pixels, this module is designed to elevate your visual content to unprecedented clarity and vibrancy. 

Exploring the P1.875 Module, LED Module Size 240x240mm, 128x128 Pixels

1. Pixel Pitch of 1.875mm

The most striking feature of the P1.875 Indoor LED Display Module is its incredibly fine pixel pitch of 1.875mm. This ultra-fine pitch allows for the display of images and videos with pixel-perfect precision. Whether you're showcasing high-resolution images, detailed graphics, or intricate videos, the P1.875 module ensures that every detail is vividly rendered.

2. SMD1515 LED Type

The module utilizes SMD1515 LEDs, which are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. These LEDs are known for their superior brightness, color accuracy, and energy efficiency. They are the driving force behind the P1.875 module's ability to deliver stunning visuals that stand out in any indoor setting.

3. Module Size of 240x240mm

With a compact module size of 240x240mm, the P1.875 module is designed for flexibility and ease of installation. Its modular nature allows for easy assembly and customization, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

4. Impressive Model Pixel Count: 128x128 Pixels

The P1.875 Indoor LED Display Module boasts an impressive model pixel count of 128x128 pixels. This means that your display has the capacity to showcase detailed content with high resolution. Whether it's a large video wall or a smaller display for a retail store, this module ensures that your content looks spectacular.

Applications of Small Pixel LED Modules, small pixel LED modules are versatile and find use in various fields:

  1. Indoor Signage: Ideal for sharp, eye-catching displays in retail and corporate settings.

  2. Control Rooms: Used for real-time data and situational awareness in traffic management and security.

  3. Entertainment: Powering immersive video walls in theaters and sports arenas.

  4. Cultural Institutions: Enhancing art and artifact presentation in museums and galleries.

  5. Simulation & Training: Vital for realistic training in flight simulators and military scenarios.

  6. Transport Hubs: Providing up-to-date information in airports and train stations.

  7. Retail: Boosting product display in high-end stores.

  8. Corporate Boardrooms: Ensuring professional presentations.

P1.875 240x240mm Indoor LED Module .png
P1.875 240x240mm Indoor LED Module.png
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