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P10 DIP Single WHITE

P10 DIP Single GREEN

P10 Single YELLOW

P10 DIP Single Blue

P10 DIP Dual Color


Single Yellow Color

Indoor Use and Outdoor Use per to clients demand

SMD 2835 P10 Single Yellow Color LED Module Parameter.


Application: widely used in shops, bank, railway station, advertising, shows, exhibition, stage, commercial use etc.

Product Detail

SMD p10 outdoor red ,P10 led module sing
Lower Power Consuption

All LEDs use epoxy resin and silica gel as encapsulation materials, which make the new SMD LED display consume less power, higher brightness and stability, effectively reduce the heating structure, and pass the refrigeration system (air conditioner, exhaust fan) Strengthen the heat dissipation and solve the heat dissipation problem.


The traditional SMD LED packaging process is complicated. A variety of packaging materials are used in the packaging process, resulting in multiple reflections of light inside the material, which is equivalent to absorption and consumption. The brightness and illumination angle are limited. The brightness of the LED display is 20% higher than that of the conventional SMD LED display, and the illumination angle is increased from the conventional 120° to 150°, and the visibility is improved.

SMD p10 outdoor red ,P10 led module sing
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